Film Inspired Presets For The Wedding & Portrait Photographer

What Is Lovely Light?

Lovely Light is a set of custom presets for Adobe Lightroom created by Katie McGihon. These presets will give you that soft, pastel edit that you've been swooning over with just one click!

Edit Within Seconds

We know your time is precious. Our preset suite is simple yet powerful. Editing quickly will help you get your life back.

Create Consistant Color

Immediately up-level your client experience by delivering images that are gorgeous and cohesive.

Refine Your Portfolio

Use Katie's Lovely Light Presets to refine your portfolio and start attracting your ideal clients today.

This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


SO...what makes these presets stand out?

Attention to detail in often overlooked areas such as HSL Sliders, Split Toning and more. It's a delicate balance of exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, tone curves and the like. Leave the technicalities to us while you enjoy a one step edit.

What's Included?

We believe there's beauty in simplicity. You don't need 30 options when you're creating a consistent color profile. You need one. That's right, we dared to say it. You need less, far less, than the rest of society tells you. We provide the Lovely Light preset, with one white balance variation and a classic Black & White preset. Everything you need to take your portfolio to the next level.

Black & White, You Say?

Every couple loves a romantic black and white image from their big day. Stop dragging sliders left and right to find the perfect balance - we did it for you! Our Lovely Light Black & White preset is a classic choice for any wedding or portrait session. Convert your color images with one click and enjoy that extra free time you have after your super smooth editing session.

Creamy Skin Tones? You bet!

Creating creamy, dreamy skin tones in editing is finally a reality with Lovely Light. No more edited away for hours, just to achieve mediocre results and less than perfect skin tones. The mid tones in our preset are brought up just the right amount, each color meticulously dialed in to bring a natural warmth and softness to the skin with just one click. 

"I LOVE these presets! They are such a perfect synthesis of the countless ones I've tried in the past! I've struggled to find helpful presets to consistently cut down on editing time, but sometimes it seems like I spend more time adjusting the preset than I do enjoying the final result! When applying these for the first time, they looked shockingly close to what I spent long periods of time laboring over to match my film scans. These presets are my new go-to and I am so grateful for their versatility, neutral tones, and timelessness. If you're looking for a one-click solution that requires minimal adjustment and will leave you with an image that is as close as possible to film, the Lovely Light Presets will be sure to become an instant favorite!"

Natalie Emerson
Vera In August

"I've recently fallen in love with film all over again and Katie's Lovely Light presets will help bridge the editing between my film and digital photos. The presets are so spot on that I've only needed to do limited editing once the preset is applied! They're perfect and I'm so excited to be using them!" "

Sabrina Fields
Sabrina Fields Photography

YES - I Want The Lovely Light Presets!

You're not wasting any time. You're ready to change the way you edit and finally achieve the lovely color you've been longing for. I'm proud of you, friend!




Lovely Light With WB Correction

Lovely Light W/O WB Correction

Lovely Light Black & White

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Meet Katie

Hello, sweet friend! I'm Katie McGihon. I'm a believer, wife, momma to 3, wedding photographer for the joyful and classic bride and educator for the up and coming photographer. I created the Lovely Light Presets to fill a need in my own life and I'm thrilled to finally share this invaluable tool with the world. It's my hope that my preset will revolutionize the way you edit - helping you to finally achieve the soft, pastel color you've been longing for, all the while saving you precious minutes and hours of your life.